The Album I put together using Garageband

A couple months ago I started to play around and really get used to the features of Garageband on Iphone. Apposed with the regular IOS version of Garageband, the Iphone doesn’t exactly limit what you can do, but just makes the whole process a little more longer and finicky.

After much practice with it, I started to record loads of ideas from my guitar and began adding drums over the top. From there on I focused on 8 ideas and developed them into songs all using my Iphone. Surprisingly the sound quality is really good which helps eliminate the need for too much final editing.

I couldn’t think of a name for the album, so rather than over-thinking too much I called it ‘Reactor’, and stuck it under the band name ‘The Enforcers’.album cover - REACTOR.png

1. Reactor


2. Save Yourself


3. Public Warning


4. Horseman


5. Familiarly Strange


6. Live On


7. Star Chaser


8. Reactor (Acoustic)


Published by

George Langford

Music, Film and Creative fanatic! Award winning adult volunteer Scout Leader

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